/revised 29 Sep 2009
Swedish Centimes Due Handstamps (1897-1965)
According to UPU rules Sweden used Centimes Due handstamps on insufficiently paid mail to foreign countries. On this page we try to list the different types used. Please send us information if you know of any further items (We are not only interested in unlisted types but also unlisted single items)
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Click here to view a list of all types, with links to complete descriptions (File size 24 K)
(on this page we list dates when the pages for each type have been last revised.)
Click here for further informations on the UPU rules and how the amount marked was calculated

SSPD is most grateful to the following postal historians for their valuable contributions to this study: Andrew Liptak (Canada), Jan-Olov Edling (Sweden), Piero Biondi (Italy), Lars-Erik Holmberg (Sweden), Staffan Andersson (Sweden), Ulf Fogelberg (Sweden), Tommy Révai (Sweden), Arne Forssén (Sweden), Leif Ruud (Sweden), Göran Linderoth (Sweden), Anders Pleijel (Sweden), Ingvar Larsson (Sweden), Gösta Ljungström (Sweden), Ken Snelson (Canada), Anders Pettersson (Sweden), Sven-Åke Andersson (Sweden), Janne Sahlstein (Finland), Bertil Weinander (Sweden), Jorma Lindeblad (Finland), Olof Höglund (Sweden), Kari Keturi (Finland), James Burgeson (USA), Ulf Eriksson (Sweden), Vaido Lillemaa (Estonia), Kjell Arvidsson (Sweden), Leif Bergman (Sweden), Jerome Kasper (USA), Anders Löthman (Sweden), Mogens Riboldt (Sweden), Michael Furfie (United Kingdom), Jan Fristad (Sweden), Jan Rijnbout (Netherlands), Gösta Schöldin (Sweden), Bo Bjerre Jakobsen (Denmark), David Wesström (Sweden), Gustaf Ankarcrona (Sweden), Peter Maurer (Germany), John Moy (United Kingdom), Graham Mark (United Kingdom), Michael Pitt-Payne (United Kingdom), Lennart Pettersson (Sweden), Henry Chlanda (USA), Robert A. M. Gregson (Australia), Dietrich Häneke (Germany), Hans-Jochen Hornig (Deutschland), Arne O Olsson (Sweden), Malcolm Batty (United Kingdom), Georg Bodner (Germany), Günter Wahl (Germany), Dankward Ufer (Germany), Robert Dautz (Austria), Jay Smith (USA), R. A. Oates (United Kingdom), Roland Frahm (Sweden), Ray Oates (United Kingdom), Karl Bertil Wändahl (Sweden)