The USA Presidental (Prexie) issue of 1938
Used to Sweden

5 cent single rate surface letter,
Jul 1 1875-Oct 31 1953
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5x1 c

5x1 c, coils

2x1½+2x1 c

2+2x1½ c

2+3x1 c

2x2+1 c

2x2+1 c coils

3+2x1 c

3x2x1 c (one sheet and one coil)

3 c sheet+2x1 c coils

3 c coil+2x1 c sheet

3+2x1 c, coils

3 c endwise coil+2x1 c sidewise coil

3+1½+½ c

3+2 c

3 c sheet+2 c coil

3 c coil+2 c sheet

3+2 c coils

4+1 c

4+2x½ c

4+½ c


5 c coil