/added 25 Jul 2005
Postage due items from USA to Sweden
1 June 1981 to 31 May 1983
US foreign surface letter rate 30 c
Swedish foreign surface letter rate 240 öre
US handstamp shows amount missing in US cents and US surface letter rate.
In Sweden the indicated fraction multiplied by 240 rounded up to next 5 öre and a handling fee of 150 öre were normally paid by affixing stamps on an advice card sent along with item by the Swedish post office. Items handed out at the window or by rural carriers may have the amount due affixed on the item.

Postcard with 18 cent. Correct rate 19 cent. Shortpaid 1 cent. US due handstamp shows amount missing, 1 cent and foreign letter rate 30 cent. In Sweden 1/30 of 240 öre=5.33 öre rounded up to 10 öre and handling fee 150 öre, totally 160 öre  have been charged. The amount should be paid by postage stamps on the enclosed advice card.