/revised 21 Oct 2008
Postage due items from USA to Sweden
1 Aug 1852 to 31 Jun 1858, US-UK mail agreements
Total due 36 sk bco
Paid to London 26 US cent
UK debit to Prussia 3½ silbergroschen
Prussia debit to Sweden 7 Silbergroschen equal to 21 sk bco
Hamburg to Gothenburg 15 Sk bco
Total amount due 36 sk bco
The item is from 1853

  Litterature: United States - Sweden: Letter mail Prior to the Bilateral Postal Convention of 1873, Richard F. Winter(Tucson, AZ 2001) (Part of the Nordia 2001 Symposium papers.)

- Mail between the United States and Sweden: A New Fnd, Richard F. Winter (Berlin 2004)