/added 9 Jan 2005
Postage due items from USA to Sweden
1 Jan 1892 to 30 Sep 1907
US foreign surface letter rate 5 c
US Conversion rate 1 US cent = 5 goldcentimes
Swedish conversion rate 1 goldcentime = 0.8 öre (for postcards and printed matters before 28 March 1892 1 goldcentine = 1 öre)
US handstamp shows the amount missing in goldcentimes.
In Sweden the indicated amount was doubled and multiplied by 0.8 (for postcards and printed matters before 28 March 1892; 1.0) and marked on
the item. The amount due was paid in cash.

Swedisg postcard used from USA regarded as 0 cent. Correct rate 2 cent. Shortpaid 2 cent. US due handstamps shows no value as completely unpaid. Sweden calculated double deficieny in centimed 2x2x5=20 and multiplied with 0.8 and marked in mnuscript on the item 16. The amount was paid in cash. In the early 1890s the due rules for postcards was somewhat different.