/revised 11 feb 2009
T c
Rectangular 15.5x20 mm
Colour: Violet
Items known:
5.12.1958 Klippan to Cape Town (ZA), violet, 36c
6.7.195? Hälsingborg to Vina del Mar (Chile), violet
17.8.1962 Sigtuna to Chicago IL (US), violet, 59c
23.7.1963 Malmö utr brev to Bad-Reichenhall (DE), violet, 60c

17.8.1962. Air mail letter 5-10 grammes to USA. Surface rate 50 öre and air mail fee 25 öre per 5 grammes making totally 100 öre. Shortpaid 50 öre. Amount due 2x50/1.70=59 centimes. Converted to 20 US cents.