/revised 17 Feb 2009
Rectangular 21x26 mm
Colour: Violet
Items known:
8.9.1927 Stockholm via France to Monaco, violet
10.12.1927 Stockholm to Kaunas (Lithuania) (15 c)

8.9.1927, Local letter remailed to France and Monaco. Original rate 10 öre. Foreign rate 25 öre Amount due 15 öre = 15 goldcentimes which is filled in in the due handstamp. Converted to 90 French centimes. Remailed and each time the old due stamps have been cancelled and new affixed. One 30 c stamp is missing. Of some reason 180 c have been affixed in Monaco. Due handstamp is located under the Swedish due label affixed when the item returned in Sweden. The separate illustration of the due handstamp is a reconstruction from the similar handstamp with 100c value.