/revised 17 Feb 2009
T 8 1/3 c, "3" below "c"
(Recently, two different types have been recorded. Some items being this type my be listed among the late prints of the other type)
Rectangular 16x20.5 mm
Colour: black, violet
Items known:
19.9.1937 Stockholm 1 to Berlin (DE), black
8.11.1937 Stockholm 1 to Paris (FR), violet
27.4.1938 Stockholm 22 to Groningen (NL), black
7.11.1938 Djursholm 1 to Wien (AT), violet

27.4.1938 Postcard to Holland. Correct rate 20 öre. Shortpaid 5 öre. Amount due 2x5/1.20=8 1/3 centimes.