/revised 26 Jan 2010
T 8 1/3 c, "3" and "c" on same level
(Recently, two different types have been recorded, some of the late prints listed below may be of the other type)
Rectangular 16x20.5 mm
Colour: black, blue, violet, red
Items known:
8.12.1936 Trälleborg via Newman CA to Los Angeles CA (US), black
14.12.1936(?) Anderst.. to Muskegon, MI (US), red
12.12.1936 Norrköping to Craig Harbour (CA), red
21.12.1936 Göteborg 1 to Port Said (Egypt), red
5.1.1937 Pkp 360 to St Petersburg, Fl (US), red
9.1.1937 Stockholm to Westos s Mare (UK)
24.2.1937 Göteborg 1 to Rochester, NY (US), violet
1.3.1937 Örebro to Woodford green Essex (UK), black
16.3.1937 (Nyby Bruk) to Meridan, CT (US), violet
22.3.1937 Stockholm 1 to Paris (FR), black
23.3.1937 Göteborg to Chicago, IL (US), violet
27.3.1937 Stockholm to London (UK), violet
2.5.1937 Krylbo to Paris (FR), violet
4.5.1937 (Fränsta) to Indianapolis IN (US), black
15.5.1937 Stockholm 3 to Venedig (IT), violet
5.6.1937 Tyringe to Leicester (UK), violet
8.6.1937 Nyköping to Seattle, WA (US), red
10.6.1937 Fkmb Södertälje to Belvedere (UK), black
25.6.1937 Örebro to London (UK)
9.7.1937 Borås to Yonkers NY (US), violet
14.8.1937 Edestads Station to Charlottenburg (DE), violett
21.8.1937 Limhamn to Brussels (BE), black
20.9.1937 Helsjön to Galashiels (UK)
30.9.1937 Göteborg to Latec-Saaz (CZ)
1937 Sösdala to Berlin (DE)
21.10.1937 Pkp to Dinaut (BE), black
18.11.1937 Gottskär to Oyster Bay NY (US), violet
22.11.1937 Göteborg, window envelope, black
6.12.1937 Jönköping to Clutterbuckgange (British India)
8.12.1937 Växjö to Minneapolis MN (US), black
11.1.1938 Eskilstuna to US
11.1.1938 Stockholm to Moline IL (US)
1.3.1938 Lidingö 2 to London (UK), black
5.3.1938 Kungsbacka to Lübeck (DE), black
6.3.1938 Örebro 1 to Plainfield, NJ (US), violet
25.4.1938 Norrköping to Roma (IT), violet
4.7.1938 Gävle 1 to Imenstad (DE), violet
5.7.1938 Falköping to Apeldoorn (NL)
13.7.1938 Sala to Chicago IL (US)
22.7.1938 Marstrand to Zürich (CH), black
8.1938 Västerås to Mainz (DE), violet
12.10.1938 Stockholm 1 to Batavia (Netherlands East Indies), red
28.10.1938 Sala to Chicago IL (US), blue
20.12.1938 Göteborg 8 to San Francisco CA (US), black
21.?.1939 Borås to Hannover (DE), violet
9.3.1939 Malmö 1 to Swinemünde (DE), black
11.4.1939 Karlshamn to Minneapolis MN (US)
28.5.1939 Nynäshamn to Budapest (HU), black
23.6.1939 Pkp to Frankfurt/M (DE), black
5.7.1939 Stockholm Ban to Dearborn, MI (US), black
17.7.1939 Pkp 385 to Heidelberg (DE), violet
Uddevalla to Leipzig C1 (DE), violet
21.7.1939 Malmö 1 to Pireus (GR), black

8.12.1937. Single rate letter to USA. Correct rate 30 öre. Shortpaid 5 öre. Amount due 2x5/1.20=8 1/3 centimes. Converted to 2 US cents.