/revised 12 Mar 2010
T 8 1/3 c
Flower pot 17.5x20.5 mm, "c" 3x3.5 mm
Colour: violet or black
Items known:
9.12.1937 Stockholm to Southsea (UK), violet
10.12.1937 Stockholm to Southsea (UK), violet
23.2.1938 Stockholm 1 via London to Beeston Notts (UK), black
4.3.1938 Stockholm to Wien (AT), black (blueish)
24.5.1938 Stockholm to Trieste (IT), violet
25.6.1938 Stockholm to Gross Behnitz Land (DE)
6.7.1938 Borlänge to Hamburg (DE), black
20.7.1938 Stockholm to Alameda CA (US), violet
30.7.1938 Västerås 1 to Mannheim i/B (DE)
3.8.1938 Åbp 54 (Utö) to Buenos Aires (AR), black
9.8.1938 Stockholm 1 to Bordighera (IT), violet
12.9.1938 Lidingö to Smithsport, Pa (US), black
13.9.1938 Enköping to Pfaffendorf (DE) ,black
16.11.1938 Stockholm 1 to London (UK), black
21.1.1939 Stockholm to Zürich (CH), balck
12.2.1939 Stockholm to Davos (CH), black
14.4.1939 Stockholm 3 to Vaduz (FL)
24.4.1939 Mora to Cairo (EG), black
18.5.1939 Stockholm to Halle/Saale (DE), black
21.5.1939 Stockholm 1 to London (UK), black
29.5.1939 Stockholm 1 to Capri (IT), violet
5.6.1939 (Bommersvik) to Richmond Surrey (UK)
25.6.1939 Stockholm to Wien (AT), black
28.8.1939 Mälarhöjden to Alnany, NY (US), black
13.2.1940 ..vsjö 1 to Berlin (DE), black
28.2.1940 Stockholm 1 to Chicago IL (US)

24.5.1938. Postcard to Italy. Air mail label partly removed and charged as surface mail; 20 öre. Shortpaid 5 öre. Amount due 2x5/1.20=8 1/3 centimes.