/revised 18 May 2004
T 8 1/3c
Bell 17x19.5 mm
Colour: Black, Violet
Items known:
7.7.1937 Höganäs to Lausanne (CH)
5.10.1937 Göteborg to Wien (AT), black
12.10.1937 Karlskoga to Deahende TX (US), violet
29.11.1937 Stockholm to Paris-Italy-Berlin
4.3.1938 Göteborg to New York NY (US), black
27.3.1938 Malmö to Berlin (DE), black
13.5.1938(?) ,,acka to Berkley, CA (US), violet
7.8.1939 Ljungby to France
18.8.1939 Karlstad to Chicago IL (US), black

27.3.1938. Postcard to Germany. Correct rate 20 öre. Shortpaid 5 öre. Amount due 2x5/1.20=8 1/3 centimes.