/revised 2 Feb 2010
T 42 6/7c
Flower pot 18x20 mm
Colour: Violet
Items known:
19.9.1942 Luleå to Herrnhut/Sachsen (DE), violet
 10.7.1943 Malen to Santiago de Chile
 21.7.1943 Stockholm to Amsterdam (NL), violet
20.1.1944 Västerås via Berlin to ?, violet
12.3.1944 Göteborg 1 to New York NY (US), violet
9.12.1944 Stockholm 6 to Laredo TX (US), violet
19.5.1945 Stockholm 7 to London (UK), violet
12.10.1945 Hallstahammar to Springfield MA (US), violet

12.10.1945 Air mail letter 0-5 grammes to USA. Correct rate surface fee 30 öre and air fee 65 öre; totally 95 öre. Amount due 2x30/1.40=42 6/7 centimes. There is no indication that the postage due has been charged in USA.