/revised 11 Feb 2009
T 41 2/3 c
Flower pot, 17x19.5 mm
Colour: black, violet
Items knowm:
20.6.1948 Stockholm 1 to Westpost CT (US), violet
14.1.1949 Stockholm 1 to Buenos Aires (AR), black
19.8.1949 Stockholm 1 to Philadelphia, PA (US), violet
1949 Göteborg to New York, NY (US), black
9.1949 Stockholm to Skippensburg, PA (US), violet

14.1.1949. Air mail postcard to Argentine. Surface rate 20 öre. Air mail fee 50 öre. Total fee 70 öre. Shortpaid 25 öre. Amount due 2x25/1.20=41 2/3. There is no indication that any due has been charged in Argentine. The postmark inked out probably has to do with insufficiently payment for air transmission.