/revised 6 Apr 2010
T 36c
Unframed 18x5.5 mm
Colour: violet
Items known:
16.9.1962 Halmstad 1 to Camebridge (UK), violet
5.11.1962 Norberg to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, violet
21.12.1963 Karlstad to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, violet
2.7.1964 Gävle 1 to Dessau-Kleinkühnau (DDR), violet

21.12.196 Air mail letter to Ethiopia. Correct rate 80 öre (letter rate 50 öre, air mail fee 30 öre/5 gr.). Shortpaid 30 öre. Amount due 2x30/1.70=36 centimes. Converted to 35 Ethiopian cents. On back 20+10+5 c Ethiopian postage due stamps.