/revised 17 Aug 2009
T 36c
Circular, 28 mm
Colour: Violet, Black
Items known:
16.10.1958 Stockholm to Johannesburg (ZA), black
25.6.1960 Stockholm Ban to Bombay (India)
3.10.1961 Stockholm Ban to San Francisco CA (US), violet
12.12.1961 Stockholm Ban to Mombasa Kenya, violet
20.12.1961 Stockholm Ban to Johannesburg (ZA), violet
Stockholm to New Haven, CT 6.12.1962 (US), violet

20.12.1961. Air mail letter to South Africa 0-5 grammes. Correct rate 40 öre surface rate and 30 öre air mail fee making totally 70 öre. Shortpaid 30 öre. Amount due 2x30/1.70=36 centimes. Converted to 9 South African cents.