/revised 20 Feb 2009
T 30c
Flower pot, 17x20.5 mm
Colour: violet
Items known:
8.11.1954 Kungälv to Stuttgart-Sommenberg (DE), violet
13.5.1955 Borås to Monte Carlo (Monaco), violet
25.6.1955 Sea mail London to Gothenburg to London (UK), violet
2.11.1958 Göteborg to Baltimore, MD (US), violet
2.11.1959 Göteborg to Gainesville, FL (US), violet
1.9.196? Västra frölunda to Durban (ZA)

25.6.1955 Postcard sent from Swedish ship on the high seas to England. Correct rate 25 öre. The British Mail did not use the traditonal UPU rules for calculating the amount due after June 1943. An unpaid item like this was charged the double British fee for a corresponding item (2x2½ d). The stamps affixed was then credited giving a total due of 2x2½-3=2 d for this item./SSPD is most greatful to Ken Snelson, Ontario, for explaning the rates on this item.