/revised 11 Feb 2009
T 30c
Circular, 27 mm
Colour: black, violet
Items known:
8.9.1953 Stockholm to Firenze (IT), black
25.11.1955 Strängnäs to Göttingen (DE), black
ca 1952-55 Munksund to Billingshurst (UK), violet
18.1.1955 Stockholm Ban to Addis Abeba (Ethiopia), black
9.8.1958 Stockholm Ban to Buffalo, NY (US), black
15.6.1961 Sugtuna to Perchtoldsdorf bei Wien (AT), violet
17.10.1961 Stockholm Ban to London (UK)

ca 1952-55 Double rate letter to England. Correct rate 65 öre. Shortpaid 25 öre. Amount due 2x25/1.70=30 centimes. Converted to 5 pence.