/revised 12 Mar 2010
T 30c
Bell 17x19.5 mm (late, worn prints up to 22x24 mm)
Two almost identical handstamps seem to have been made and one of them soon becomes worn but the other gives sharp prints for a long time.
Colour: violet, black or red
Items known:
20.2.1921 Pkp to Wasa (FI), black
7.3.1922 Stockholm to Helsingfors (FI)
27.3.1922 Stockholm 1 to Helsingfors (FI), black
30.3.1922 Malmö 1 to Chicago, IL (US)
3.22 to Yamgshaw, China
14.4.1922 Stockholm to Neuchâtel (CH), black
20.4.1922 Pkp 60 B to Chemnitz (DE), violet
26.4.1922 Pkxp to Toija (FI), violet
2.5.1922 Alingsås to Spokane, WA (US), red
29.5.1922 Stockholm 1 to Belgrad (YU)
1921-22 Stockholm to Highland P.. IL (US)
1921-22 Pkp to New York NY (US), black
19.6.1922 Fkmb Spånga-Stockholm 19.6.1922 to Tacoma, WA (US), black
18.7.1922 Stockholm 1 to Oberammergau (DE), black
26.8.1922 Stockholm to Bad Nauheim (DE), black
4.9.1922 Järlåsa via Bandoeng to Medan (Netherlands East Indies), black
25.9.1922 Stockholm 1 via Venezia to Firenze (IT), black
7.6.1923 Stockhom to Bostan, MA (US), red
11.6.1923 Kungsäter to Worcester MA (US), red (this marking may be a separate type, see below)
10.7.1923 Stockholn to Bad ..eynhausen (DE), red
11.7.1923 Halmstad to Mount Vernon NY (US), red
16.7.1923 Arvika to Procidence RI (US), red
20.7.1922 Sösdala to New York NY (US), red
3.8.1923 Sär.. to Cleveland OH (US), red
30.8.1923 Stockholm to London (UK), red
24.10.1923 Stockholm 1 to Panama, red
30.11.1923 Lidingö Villastad to Bitterfeld (DE), red
3.12.1923 Stockholm to Marize Cuba, red
27.5.1924 Stockholm 1 to B.. (IT), black
11.6.192? Hufvu.. to Chicago, IL (US), black
24.6.1924 Stockholm to New York, NY (US), black
16.12.1924 Stockholm to US, black
31.7.1925 Stockholm to Weimar (DE), black
7.8.1925 Södertälje to Pittsburgh PA (US), black
16.7.1935 Henån 16.7.1935 to Orio (ES), black
1.8.1935 Göteborg 1 to Hellerup (DK), written change to öre, unworn type

30,8,1923. Postcard to England. Correct rate 20 öre. Shortpaid 5 öre. UPU minimum due fee 30 centimes indicated. 1½ pence postage due charged.

This marking from 11.6.1923 16.5x18.5 mm and and less worn than markings from the other handstamp.