/revised 17 Feb 2009
T 28 4/7 c
Flower Pot 18x20 mm
Colour: violet
Items known:
24.8.1940 Vitaby vis Göteborg to Boston MA (US), violet
16.4.1945 Stockhlm to Philadelphia PA (US), violet
14.5.1945 Vidökna to College Point NY (US), violet
13.8.1945 Visby to Chicago IL (US), violet
5.8.1946 Stockholm to Pretoria (ZA), violet

24.8.1940. Air mail cover 20-25 grammes to USA. Correct rate: Surface fee 50 öre for 20-40 grammes, air mail surcharge 55 öre/5 grammes (275 öre) making totally 325 öre. Shortpaid 20 öre. Amount due 2x20/1.40=28 4/7 ctm. There is no indication the any amount has been charged in the USA.