/revised 26 Feb 2009
T 25
Unframed, two lines, 10x19 mm
Colour: black, violet
Items known:
2.5.1909 Halmstad to Jersey City NJ (US), violet
23.6.1909 Lund to Kreiensen (DE), violet
15.8.1910 Plk 122 (Mölle) to Berlin (DE), black
14.12.1910 Stockholm to New York NY (US)
27.2.1911 Halmstad to Moss (NO) missent to Mass. (US), violet

2.5.1909. Unstamped postcard to USA. Correct rate 10 öre. Amount due 2x10/0.80=25 centimes. 25 ctm normally corresponds to 5 US cents but of some reason only 4 cents have been charged, probably as this is double the US foreign postcard rate.