/revised 27 Jul 2010
T 2/25
Bell 19x23 mm
Colour: ultramarine
Items known:
10.10.1906 Venersborg to Pasadena, CA (US), ultramarine
4.12.1906 Vollsjö to Mulden Mass (US), ultramarine
20.6.1907 Falköping to Berlin (DE), ultramarine
12.9.1907 Enköping to Dresden (DE), ultramarine
12.10.1906 Plk 358A to London (UK), ultramarine
4.11.1907 Göteborg to Rockford (US), ultramarine
15.12.1907 Pkxp 81 (Helsingborg) to Bristol (UK), ultramarine

12.9.1907 Double rate cover to Germany. Correct rate 40 öre. Shortpaid 20 öre. Converted to 25 centimes, then doubled and converted to 40 German pfennige.