/revised 12 Feb 2010
T 25c
Bell 16.5x19.5 mm
Colour: black, violet or blue
Items known:
25.6.1911 Stockholm 1 to Darmstadt (DE), black
26.6.1911 Norrtälje to Johannesburg (ZA)
24.7.1911 Arkösund to Marlaise (FR)
12.11.1911 Helsingborg to Stettin (DE)
16.12.1911 Grinstad to Bridgeport Conn (US)
23.12.1911 Landskrona to Hamburg (DE), violet
27.3.1912 Umeå to Oxford (UK), black
1.5.1912 Ljustorp to Rochester NY (US), violet
7.6.1912 Tranås to New York NY (US), black
21.7.1912 Stockholm to Hamburg
18.11.1912 Stockholm 5 to Brooklyn NY (US)
18.11.1912 Stockholm 5 to Rochester NY (US), violet
12.3.1914 Motala to Springfield MA (US), black
2.7.1914 Malmö to Germany
2.7.1914 Norrköping to Charlottenhof (EE), violet
26.7.1916 Göteborg to Lisse (NL)
24.10.1916 Göteborg to London (UK), black
14.12.1916 Trekanten via Harvey ND to Chicago IL (US), black
18.12 1916 Våxtorp to Rockford IL (US)
12.1917 Trekanten to Chicago, IL (US), black
12.1.1921 Kalmar to Nice (FR), blue
20.1.1921 Ljungbyholm to Kyambu British East Africa, blue
11.4.1921 Stockholm  via Göteborg to Portland OR (US)
14.6.1921 Göteborg to Chateau d'Oex (CH), violet
19.6.1921 Stocknulm to Geneve (CH), violet
29.6.1921 Göteborg to Essen (DE), black

24.7.1911. single rate cover to France. Correct rate 20 öre. Shortpaid 10 öre. Amount due 2x10/0.80=25 centimes. Charged by 25 ctm French postage due stamps.