/revised 17 Feb 2009
T 21 3/7 c
Flower pot 18.5x20.5 mm
Colour: Violet
Items known:
 17.9.1940 Kalmar via Höganös to Hamburg (DE), violet
31.3.1941 Stockholm 19 to Winterthur (CH), violet
??.??.1941 to East Orange NJ (US), violet
8.5.1941 Stockholm to Iloilo (Philippines), violet
 1.7.1941 Stockholm 19 to Amsterdam (NL)
9.10.1941 Stockholm 19 to Winterthur (CH), violet

17.9.1940. Single rate letter remailed to Germany. Domestic rate 15 öre. Foreign rate 30 öre. The additional amount has incorrectly been doubled; 2x15/1.40= 21 3/7 centimes, but the amount charged in Germany (13 pfg) seems to be correct.