/revised 12 Mar 2010
T 18c, "c" 5x2 mm, rounded
Flower pot 17x19 mm
Colour: violet
Items known:
22.1.1953 Stockholm Ban to Wolfgang bei Hanau (DE), violet
14.10.1953 Ronneby to Culver City, CA (US), violet
28.1.1954 Göteborg to Groningen (NL), violet
20.3.1954 Dingle to New York, NY (US), violet
2.7.1954 Göteborg 1 to London (UK), violet
25.5.1955 Göteborg 1 to Biel (CH), violet
24.1.1956 to Baltimore MD (US), violet
29.5.1956 Göteborg 3 to Morocco, violet
24.10.1956 Göteborg 1 to Birmingham (UK), violet

21.1.1956 Air mail letter to USA 5-10 grammes. Correct rate 90 öre. Shortpaid 15 öre. Amount due 2x15/1.70=18 centimes (gold). Converted to 6 US cents at the rat 1 US cent=3 centimes.