/revised 12 Mar 2010
T 18c
Circular 28 mm
Colour: black, violet
Items known:
25.6.1953 Stockholm to Rotterdam (NL), violet
5.10.1953 Stockholm 1 to London (UK), violet
1.3.195? to Urbana IL (US)
10.2.1955 Stockholm 3 to Wohlen (CH), black
12.4.1955 Stockholm Ban to Ana Capri (IT), black
2.7.1955 Östergraninge to Warszawa (PL), black
22.10.1955 Stockholm to New York NY (US), black
?.?.1955 Falun to ?, violet (redish)
13.1.1956 Pkp to Linz (AT), black
3.5.1956 Stockholm Ban to Los Angeles, Ca (US), black
 21.6.1956 Uppsala 1 to Hoek van Holland (NL), black
25.?.1945 Östersund 1 to Zürich (CH), black
22.8.1956 Stockholm to Sussex (UK), black
12.4.1957 Stockholm Ban to UK, black
3.3.1958 Stockholm to Denpasar (Indonesia)
19.9.1962 or 1963 Stockholm to Schenectady NY (US), violet
2?.1.1963 Stockholm Ban to Zürich (CH), violet
20.9.63 Stockholm to ?, violet

21.6.1956. Single letter rate to the Netherlands. Correct rate 40 öre. Shortpaid 15 öre. Amount due 2x15/1.70=18 centimes. The Netherlands did not use the UPU rules to convert the centime amount. Instead they calculated the amount due by multiplying the double amount missing in öre by the ratio between the Netherlands foreign letter rate in cents and the Swedish foreign letter rate in öre. Dauble amount missing is 30 öre, Swedish foreign rate 40 öre and Netherlands foreign rate 25 cent. Amount due is then 30x(25/40)=18.75 rounded to 19 cent.