/revised 26 Jan 2010
T 16 2/3c
Rectangular 17x19.5 mm, "3" 3 mm
Colour: black, red, violet
Items known:
15.7.1924 .. via ..lm 1 to Londin )UK), red
11.12.1936 Malmö to Long Island City, NY (US), violet
22.9.1937 Växjö to Cleveland OH (US), violet
11.9.1938 Pkp to Masala Uganda
15.7.1939 Dödertälje to München (DE), black

11.12.1936. Letter to USA, correct rate 30 öre. Shortpaid 10 öre. Amount due 2x10/1.20=16 2/3 ctm. There is no indication that any amount has been collected in USA.