/revised 14 Nov 2008
T 16 2/3c
Rectangular 16x20 mm, "3" 4.5 mm
Colour: violet
Items known:
29.5.1947 Jönköping to Utrecht (NL), violet
8.7.19?? Diö to Leicester (UK)
18.7.1957 Hälsingborg to Hamburg (DE)
2.5.1949 Malmö 3 to Burbank CA (US), violet
16.7.1949 Hälsingborg to Kent (UK), violet

29.5.1947. Postcard to The Netherlands, correct rate 20 öre. Shortpaid 10 öre. Amount due 2x10/1.20=16 2/3 ctm. There is no indication that any amount has been collected in The Netherlands.