/revised 9 Aug 2010
T 16 2/3 c
Flower Pot, 18x20 mm
Colour: black, violet
It probably exists 2 somewht different types. The opening in c is 0.25 mm in one and 0.9 mm in the other. The "c" in the first one seems to be serifed on top

Items known:
24.4.1947 Göteborg to Mariapócs (HU), violet
7-?.1947 Marsfjäll to Bruxelles (BE), violet
3.6.1947 Krylbo to South Bend IN (US), black
8.7.1947 Jönköpinh to London (UK), violet, (opening 0.9 mm)
14.9.1947 Göteborg 1 to Minneapolis MN (US), violet
6.10.1947 Ösmo to Roma (IT), black
14.1.1948 Adelsö to Paris (FR), violet
20.5.1948 Stockholm  to Liverpool (UK), violet
20.6.1948 Stockholm 3 to Chicago IL (US), violet
22.8.1948 Stockholm 1 to London (UK), violet
31.8.1948 Sundsvall 1 to La Guiara (Venezuela), violet
2.3.1949 Göteborg 1 to Genève (CH), violet
27.12.1949 .e.. to New London CT (US), violet
11.1.1950 Mora to New York (US), violet

6.10.1947. Cover to Italy. Correct rate 30 öre. Shortpaid 10 öre. Amount due 2x10/1.20=16 2/3 centimes.