/revised 20 Feb 2009
T 12½
Unframed 16x8.5 mm
Colour: black, violet-blue
Items known:
9.8.1900 Spjutsbygd to Thun (CH)
17.6.1901 Saktsjöbaden via Spjutsbygd to Thun (CH), violet-blue
23.7.1901 Pkxp 51D to Altona (DE), violet-blue
5.8.1901 Plk to Deadwood Camp (Saint Helena), violet
5.8.1901 Plk 160 to Dannebrog, NE (US), violet
7.8.1901 Malmö to Halle a/Saale (DE). violet-blue
7.8.1901 Pkxp 29 B to DE
12.8.1901 Båstad to Berlin-Friedenau (DE)
12.8.1901 V.. to Berlin NV (DE), violet-blue
17.8.1901 Pkxp 62A to 'sGravenhage (NL), violet-blue
22.12.1902 Vånga to Geneve (CH), black
5.1.1903 Skellefteå-Anvers (BE)
10.6.1903 Fristad to Riga (RU), violet-blue
26.8.1903 Pkxp 18 B to Lausanne (CH)
3.11.1903 Umeå to Paris (FR)
26.1.1904 Göteborg to London (UK), violet

9.8.1900. Single rate letter to Switzerland. Correct rate 20 öre. Shortpaid 10 öre. Due handstamp indicating amount missing 10 öre/0.80=12.5 ctm. Doubled and charged with 25 ctm Swiss Postage Due stamps.

This is the latest known print. It looks somewhat different but more items are needed to determine if it is another type.