/revised 12 Mar 2010
T 12 ½ cent
Rectangular 20x11 mm
Colour: violet (ulmarish)
Items known:
7.8.1904 Göteborg to Cairo (Egypt), violet
11.10.1904 Pkxp 34B to Reykjavik (IS), violet
20.12.1904 Pkxp 63B to West Hartlepool (UK)
21.12.1904 Karlshamn to Berlin (DE), violet
22.12.1904 Saltsjöbaden to Honfleur (FR)
22.12.1904 Wenwrsborg to Lausanne (CH), violet
24.12.1904 La?? to Montpellier (FR), violet
25.12.1904 Göteborg to Brooklyn NY (US), violet
26.12.1904 Axvall to Monterey NL (Mexico), violet
28.12.1904 Pkxp to West Hartlepool (UK), violet
30.12.1904 Visby to Vilvorde (BE), violet
25.1.1905 Stockholm to Kane PA (US), violet
28.1.1905 Stockholm to Meran (AT), violet
4.2.1905 Karlsborg to Amsterdam (NL), violet
14.2.1905 Stockholm to New York, NY (US) violet
2.3.1905 to Berlin (DE), violet
17.3.1905 Kristianstad to Chicago, IL (US), violet
14.4.1905 Pkxp 22 via Roma to Seristori (IT), violet
19.4.1905 Växjö to Sheffield (UK), violet
13.5.1905 Pkxp to Venezia (IT)
26.6.1905 Stockholm to Schen.. NY (US)
4.7.1905 Ödkarby/Sund (Aaland) to London (UK), violet
11.7.1905 Göteborg to Bostan Mass (US)
13.7.1905 Pkxp 3? A to Lynn MA (US), violet
13.7.1905 Tumba to St. Paul, MN (US), violet (ulmarish)
18.7.1905 Pkxp 37A to Neuchâtel (CH)
19.7.1905 Stockholm via Camebridge Port MA to Quincy MA (US), violet
27.7.1905 Boden to Orville, Ca (US), violet
2.8.1905 Visby to New York, NY (US), violet
3.8.1905 Stockholm to New York City NY (US), violet
17.8.1905 Åre to Prag (AT)
21.8.1905 Pkxp 81D to Batley (UK), violet
24.8.1905 Elfängen to Stockton (UK), violet
27.8.1905 Plk to Gothenburg NE (US), violet
28.8.1905 Pkxp 225 (Jönköping) to Sausenstein (AT)
7.9.1905 Båstad to San Francisco CA (US), violet
7.9.1905 Tidaholm to Sausenstein (AT)
8.9.1905 Plk 245 to West Lynn MA (US), violet
27.9.1905 Pkxp to Sheffield (UK), ulmarish violet
15.10.1905 Vestervik to Boston MA (US), violet
2.11.1905 Stockholm to Belleville NY (US)
10.11.1905 Göteborg to US, violet
13.11.1905 Plk 226A (Uddevalla) to Braunschweig (DE), violet
14.11.1905 to Redhill (UK), violet
15.11.1905 Stockholm to Oxford (UK), violet
15.11.1905 Stockholm 1 to Boston Mass (US)
22.11.1905 Stockholm to Sacramento CA (US), violet
23.11.1905 Oskarshamn to Omaha NE (US), violet
25.11.1905 Göteborg to Chicago IL (US), violet
27.11.1905 Göteborg to Byrnedale PA (US), violet
27.11.1905 Stockholm to Madrid (ES), violet
28.11.1905 Visby to Brooklyn NY (US)
29.11.1905 Göteborg to US, violet
30.11.1905 Stockholm to Chicago IL (US), violet
4.12.1905 Stockholm to Cambridge, MA (US), violet
6.12.1905 Örebro to Plainfield NJ (US)
7.12.1905 Cimbritshamn to Avenmouth (UK) via Philadelphia PA (US), violet
7.12.1905 Mortorp to Chicago IL (US), violet
8.12.1905 Gefle to Honfleur (FR), violet
9.12.1905 Nautanen to Elisabeth NY (US)
12.12.1905 Sollefteå to North Minneapolis MN (US), violet
13.12.1905 Pkxp to Magdeburg (DE), violet
13.12.1905 Stockholm to Brooklyn NY (US), violet
15.12.1905 Wallåkra to MA (US), violet
17.12.1905 Kinn.. to Pigeoncove, MA (US), violet
19.12.1905 Hörby to Rockfors IL (US), violet
19.12.1905 Norrköping to Liverpool (UK), violet
20.12.1905 Kil to West Somerville MA (US), violet
22.12.1905 Sturefors to Paris (FR)
23.12.1905 Borås to Berlin (DE), violet
23.12.1905 Jönköping via Roma (Gotland) to Roma (IT), violet
23.12.1905 Sundbyberg to Denver CO (US), violet
27.12.1905 Axelfors to New Britain, CT (US), violet
28.12.1905 Pkxp 2 to Kalamazoo, MI (US), violet
30.12.1905 Helsingborg to Magdeburg (DE), violet
31.12.1905 Norrköping to Bridgeport CT (US), violet
31.12.1905 Stockholm 1 to Plainfield NJ (US)
6.1.1906 Grenna to Mount Elias (Natal)
9.1.1906 Ursviken via Port Natal (Natal) to Delagoa Bay (Lourenco Marques), violet
18.1.1906 Pkxp to Brooklyn NY (US), violet
19.1.1906 Plk 59 to Lisbonne (PT)
26.1.1906 Göteborg to France
30.1.1906 Pkxp 34A to Leipzig (DE)
?.1.1906 Ma.. to New Haven CT (US), violet
6.2.1906 Göteborg to Akron IA (US), violet
8.2.1906 Karlshamn to Los Angeles, ca (US), violet
8.2.1906 Pkxp 62 Ned to London (UK)
9.2.1906 Borås to Altona PA (US)
9.2.1906 Hillerstorp to (US), violet
21.2.1906 Stockholm to Brooklyn NY (US)
24.2.1906 Stockholm 1 to Boston Mass (US)
27.2.1906 Norrköping to Han-Cheng China, violet
5.3.1906 Norrköping to Wandsbek bei Hamburg (DE); violet
5.3.1906 Göteborg to Shanghai China, violet
?.3.1906 Skö.. to Wilmington Del (US), violet
8.3.1906 Upsala to South Weymouth  Mass (US)
17.3.1906 Stockholm to Ashtabula, OH (US), violet
27.3.1906 Mattmar to Sonora (Mexico), violet
3.4.1906 Ljungskile to Fresno CA (US), violet
3.4.1906 Sya to Minden CN (US)
8.4.1906 Polcirkeln to Los Angeles CA (US), violet
9.4.1906 Göteborg to Shanghai (China)
10.4.1906 (rec pm) Plk 210A to Rockford, IL (US), violet (ulmarish)
14.4.1906 Tranås to New York NY (US), violet (ulmarish)
1906 Axvall to Stamford (CT) US, violet
18.5.1906 Göteborg to Shediac, violet
23.5.1906 ..gest.. to Los Angeles CA (US), violet
28.5.1906 Karlstad to Worchester, MA (US), violet (ulmarish)
28.5.1906 Malmö to Chicago, IL (US), violet (ulmarish)
4.6.1906 Halmstad to Clear Lake WA (US)
15.6.1906 Kisa to St Pölten (AT)
28.6.1905 Plk 308A to Philadelphia, PA (US), violet (ulmarish)

25.1.1905. Postcard to USA taxed at letter rate due to charity label. Letter rate 20 öre. Shortpaid 10 öre. Due handstamp indicating amount missing: 10 öre/0.80=12.5 centimes. Amount doubled and converted to 5 US cents.