/revised 26 Feb 2009
T 12 1/2
Bell 16.5x19.5 mm, "12" 5 mm high, second "2" 2.7 mm
Colour: black, blue
We have recently found that there are two types of this marking. Some of the latest items registered as second "2" 4.2 mm may be of the type with second "2" 2.7 mm.
Items known:
16.8.1921 Svanesund to Hollywood CA (US), blue
23.8.1921 Pkxp 8C (Laxå) to New York NY (US), black
9.1921 to Jersey City Heights, NJ (US), black
?0.1?.1921 Linköping to Concord, NH (US), blue

23.8.1921. Postcard to USA. Correct rate 25 öre. Shortpaid 5 öre. Amount due 2x5/0.8=12.5 centimes. 6 cents which is the amount corresponding to the minimum fee 30 centimes has been charged in USA.