/revised 12 Mar 2010
T 12 1/2
Bell 17.5x19 mm, "12" 5 mm high, second "2" 4.2 mm
Colour: black, violet or blue
We have recently found that there are two types of this marking. Some of the latest items registered may be of the other type with second "2" 2.7 mm. The item from 17.10.1921 is for sure having the big second "2"; 4.2 mm.
Items known:
20.5.1917 Hälsingborg to Zeist (NL), black
7.7.1917 Varberg to Hamburg (DE)
4.10.1917 Bruzaholm to Transvaal or Australia
26.8.1919 Kiruna to New York NY (US), violet
1919 Malmö to Cassel (DE), violet
15.12.1919 Linköping to Amsterdam (NL), violet
27.12.1918 Malmö 1 to Cassel (DE), violet
8.2.1921 Plk 120 to Dresden-A (DE), black
14.2.1921 Göreborg to Leopoldville, Belgian Congo
20.2.1921 Stockholm to Bremen (DE), violet
21.2.1921 Uppsala to Wien (AT), blue
2.1921 Stockholm to Wien (AT), blue
8.3.1921 Ingelstad to Minneapolis MN (US), violet
10.3.1921 Sala to La Paz, Bolivia
14.3.1921 Göteborg via Panama to Honolulu, HI, (US), black
15.3.1921 Fiskebäckskil to Rock Island IL (US)
24.3.1921 Malmö to Paris (FR), black
1.4.1921 Stockholm to Elberfeld (DE), black
22.4.1921 Malmö to Czechoslovakia
23.4.1921 Pkxp (Arboga) to Rijsxijk (NL), black
25.4.1921 Jädraås to Spokane WA (US), blue
25.4.1921 Pkxp 19B(Karlstad) to Charlottenburg-Berlin (DE), blue
4.5.1921 Göteborg to London (UK), black
12.5.1921 Norrköping to Paris (FR)
12.?.1921 Rottnesund to Naumburg a/ Saale (DE), black
19.5.1921 Plk 185 B to Jena (DE), violet
19.5.1921 Vimmerby to Roselyn LI NY (US)
2.6.1921 Arvika to Oxford (UK), violet
?.6.1921 to Glenwood, IL (US), black
3.6.1921 Göteborg to Charlottenburg (DE), violet
3.6.1921 Pkp 81A to Paris (FR)
6.6.1921 Göteborg to Berlin (DE), blue
10.6.1921 Söderhamn to Brazil, black
18.6.1921 Göteborg to Charlottenburg (DE), violet
26.6.1921 Uddevalla to Hartford CT (US)
27.6.1921 Nybro to DE
28.6.1921 Hälsingborg 1 to Firenze (IT)
29.6.1921 Visby to Blankenburg Harz (DE), violet
4.7.1921 Båstad via Berlin (DE) to Kopenhagen (DK), violet
5.7.1921 Jönköping to Isle of Wight (GB), black
7.7.1921 Rosenfors to Paris (FR), black
8.7.1921 Stockholm to Pstiano (IT), black
16.7.1921 Stockholm to Praha (CZ)
17.7.1921 to Denver CO (US), black
19.7.1921 Furudal to Wien (AT), black
22.7.1921 Gåsö to Lübeck (DE), black
23.7.1921 Borås to West Windham NH (US), blue
29.7.1921 Höganäs to Wien (AT), black
11.8.1921 Pkxp 81D to Breslau (DE), black
13.8.1921 Plk to Lohme Rügen (DE), violet
15.8.1921 Kjöbenhavn via Linköping to Goslar (DE), black
17.8.1921 Nyhammar to Darmstadt (DE), violet
17.8.1921 Stockholm to Bruxelles (BE), violet
18.8.1921 Stockholm to Bruxelles (BE), violet
18.8.1921 Sköfde to Breslau (DE), black
23.8.21 Göteborg to Dresden (DE), violet
25.8.1921 Strömtorp via Lausanne (CH) to Sassnitz (DE)
27.8.1921 Lund to Sr Quan-Portrieux /FR), violet
8.1921 Bjärsjölagård to Kilburn (UK), black
2.9.1921 Pkxp to Greifswald (DE), violet
2.9.1921 Pkxp to Wiesbaden (DE), violet
17.9.1921 Lundsbergsskola Jagorzany (PL), violet
? Älvdalen to ?, black
1921 Hjärtum to Dresden (DE), violet
4.9.1921 Hälsingborg 1 to Paraguay
29.9.1921 Lund to Bielefeld (DE), violet
17.10.1921 Rönninge to Darmstadt (DE), black

5.7.1921. Postcard to England. Correct rate 25 öre. Shortpaid 5 öre. Amount due 2x5/0.8=12.5 centimes. Converted to 1½ d. The minimum fee 30 centimes has of some reason not been used.