/revised 13 Mar 2010
T 12 ½c
Bell, horizontal line in ½, 16.5x19 mm
Colour: black
Items known:
18.4.1921 Stockholm to Calvados (FR), black
18.7.1921 Borgholm to Finland
20.7.1921 Stockholm 1 to Billnäs (FI), black
29.7.1921 Visby to Ekenäs (FI), black
15.8.1921 Stockholm 1 to Lübeck (DE)
17.8.1921 Stockholm 1 to Helsinki (FI), black
22.8.1921 Stocksund to Wien (AT), black
11.9.1921 Sundsvall to Helsingfors (FI), black
19.9.1921 Östersund to Jakobstad (FI)
5.10.1921 Stockholm to Los Angeles, CA (US), black
6.10.1921 Stockholm to Helsingfors (FI), black
7.10.1921 Stockholm to Giesen (DE), black
13.10.1921 Vretstorp to Helsingfors (FI), black
14.10.1921 Stockholm to Potsdam (DE) black
16.10.1921 Sigtuna to Dresden (DE), black
11.11.1921 Stockholm to Tauris (Persia), black
15.11.1921 Stockholm to Heldingfors (FI), black
18.12.1921 Borlänge to Kuggom (FI), black

18.7.1921. Postcard to Finland. Correct rate 25 öre. Shortpaid 5 öre. Amount due 2x5/0.80=12.5 ctm. 90 Finish penniä charged, equal to the UPU 30 centimes minimum fee.