/revised 11 Feb 2009
T 12 c
Flower pot, 18x20 mm, 12 serifed
Colour: black or violet
Items known:
4.6.1952 Areavara to Eatontown, NJ (US), violet
5.6.1952 Stockholm 9 to APO 1000 San Fransisco (US) (=Korea), violet
6.6.1952 Stockholm Ban to Chexbres (FR), violet
4.?.1953 Stockholm to Paris (FR), violet
18.5.1953 Stockholm Ban to Bandung, Indonesia, black

5.6.1952 5-gram letter to USA. Correct rate 40 öre. Shortpaid 10 öre. Amount due 2x10/1.70=12 centimes. Converted to 4 US cents.