/revised 12 Mar 2010
T 12 c
Flower pot, 17.5x20 mm, rounded "c" 5 mm, 12 sans serif
Colour: violet
Items known:
21.5.1952 Malmö to New York (NY), violet
3.6.1952 Polcirkeln to Wilmae, MN (US), violet
8.8.1952 Uddevalla to Toronto, Ont (CA), violet
13.8.1952 Göteborg 1 to Paris (FR), violet
26.11.1952 Uddevalla to Geneve, CH, violet
23.12.1952 Borås to Tel Aviv (IL), violet
23.2.1953 Stockholm to Wien (AT), violet
15.7.1954 Göteborg to West Orange, NJ (US), violet
4.8.1954 Raus to Bavnagar (India), violet
8.11.1954 Borås to Tel Aviv (IL), violet
18.1.1955 Göteborg 23 to Post Saïd (EG), violet
5.12.19?? Tansbyn to Enumclaw (US)
4.2.1959 Göteborg 1 to Venezia (IT), violet
5.5.1961 Uddevalla to Jerusalem (IL)
12.2.1962 Göteborg 1 to Tel Aviv (IL), violet
25.6.1962 Göteborg to Godthaab, Greenland, violet

25.6.1962. Aerogram to Greenland, Taxed as 10 öre shortpaid, and amount due 2x10/1.7=12 centimes. No indication the the amount has been charged on Greenland.