/revised 27 Jul 2010
T 100
Bell 17x20 mm
Colour: black, blue, red, violet
Items known:
21.11.1921 Skara to Stará Boleslav (CZ), blue
20.2.1922 Sandhem to Chicago IL (US)
3.1922 Floda Station to Brooklyn NY (US), violet
17.9.1922 Göteborg to Eisenach/Thür (DE), violet
28.12.192? Sandhem to Raymond NE (US), black
Skillingaryd 22.3.1923 to Pasadena CA (US), red
5.11.1924 Kisa to Sioux City IA (US)

Unpaid single rate cover to USA. Correct rate 40 öre. Amount due 2x40/0.80=100 centimes. Converted to 20 US cents at the rate 1 centimes=0.2 US cents.